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Does your child have any medical or psychological condition? Please provide details and/or attach relevant Documents. Please note we do not accept children with special needs of any sort, ADHD, Hyperactivity, and others. Failure to inform the schools would result to termination of this contract without any school fees refund.


Please note that schools do not guarantee transportation. A separate application for transportation must be filled up and submitted along with the registration form. Applying for a place in schools does not guarantee a place in the bus. Only students who are four years old and above will be accepted in the school bus. The registration fees are not refundable in case of bus transportation application is denied.

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Required Documents

List of Required Documents

  1. 1.Copy of the student’s Birth Certificate
  2. 2.Copy of the student's passport.
  3. 3.Parents passport copy and iqama copy
  4. 4.Copy of Residence Permit/ID (Iqama) (student must be shown on parent’s Iqama). (If the Iqama is under process, please provide as soon as possible)
  5. 5.Copy of the student’s Vaccination/Immunization Certificate.
  6. 6.Passport sized photos of the student.
  7. 7.New Students coming from a school in Saudi Arabia, they must submit all previous report cards (duly attested by Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia). Students entering during the school year must also submit school records for the current year-to-date.
  8. 8.New Students transferring from a school outside Saudi Arabia, all previous years Report Cards must be authenticated and attested by the Saudi Embassy of the Origin Country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Origin Country and the school in which the student last attended.
  9. 9.School Leaving Certificate from the previous school (stating the date of enrollment, the grade completed, the result at the end of that grade and the date of withdrawal).
  10. 10. A Noor System Transfer Print Out is a must..
  11. 11. Financial clearance from previous school.
  12. 12.Employment letter from Father's company.